As Chairman of Greens I have been working with Scott and his team to continue to improve the course. As we go through Captains Week and into the summer season of events. I hope you will agree that the course has been presented in superb condition, despite the continuing rainy conditions.

The work of the Greens Staff in preparing the course needs your support in maintaining the greens as true and free of pitch marks as possible and for this I need your support.

Each time a golf ball hits the putting surface, it leaves a mark. Proper golf etiquette dictates that you repair any damage to the putting surface, especially damage due to a ball. Properly repaired pitch marks take around 20 days to recover. Un-repaired pitch marks take on average 25 days to recover but improperly repaired pitch marks can take almost 40 days to recover.

Step 1:  Look for a golf ball mark on the green near your ball. This would be where the ball landed.

Step 2:  Use a ball mark repair tool to fix the divot left from the ball.

Step 3:  Insert the ball repair tool into the outer edge of the ball divot, with the prongs angled at 45 degrees. Gently work the turf up and back into place by gently pushing up and forward.

Step 4:  Repeat step 3 around the entire ball mark as necessary

Step 5:  Pat down the ball mark with a putter, until the mark is as smooth as the rest of the putting surface.