• Immovable Obstructions – Rule 24-2 applies to the following:- Artificial roads and paths, kerbs, shelters, drinking fountains, tractor marks, stone foundations of tees, fixed tee markers, fixed seats, inspection chamber covers, sprinkler heads, steps, rockeries and flower beds – and the white stakes while playing the 5th hole.
  • Abnormal Ground Conditions.
  • Any area designated Ground Under Repair is identified by white lines – Rule 25-1 applies.
  • Stones in bunkers are movable obstructions – Rule 24-1 applies.

Out of Bounds (Rule 27)

  • Beyond any boundary hedge or fence.
  • Beyond white markers behind 2nd and 9th greens.
  • Beyond white marker posts on right hand side of 8th fairway.
  • Beyond white marker posts on the left hand side of the 16th and 17th fairways.
  • Any part of the practice area.

NB The inner fence is always classed as the boundary of the course.

Integral Parts of the Course

  • The poles to the rear of the 2nd green and 1st tee.
  • All other paths and patches of bare ground.


Players must not retrieve their ball from the practice area to the right of the 1st  hole.

Temporary Local Rules

There may be additional local rules, which will be posted on the Club Notice Board.