Leyland Golf Club

Etiquette and Rules of Golf

Players are expected to abide by the Rules and Etiquette of the game at all times.

Rules of Golf

Full details of the rules of the game of golf can be found within the Rules section of the R and A web site.


  1. A single player has no standing and must always give way to a properly constructed match.
  2. No player, caddie or onlooker should move or talk during a stroke.
  3. No player should play from the tee until the party in front have played their second strokes, and are out of range. Nor play up to a putting green until the party in front have holed out and moved away.
  4. The player who has the honour from the tee should be allowed to play before his opponent tees his ball.
  5. Players who have holed out should not try their puts over again when other players are following them.
  6. A Four-ball or a Three-ball match must allow a Two-ball or a Foursomes match to pass without being requested. Any match playing a whole round may claim the right to pass a match playing a shorter round.
  7. Players looking for a lost ball must allow other matches coming up behind to pass. They should NOT wait 5 minutes before doing so.
  8. If a match fails to keep its place on the course and looses - in distance - more than 1 clear hole from the match in front, it may be passed on request being made.
  9. All pitch marks identified on a green should be repaired at once.
  10. All divots displaced by a stroke should be replaced at once.
  11. A player should carefully fill up all footprints and holes in a bunker before leaving that bunker. 

Slow Play

Players looking for a lost ball MUST allow other matches coming up to pass.

If a match fails to keep its place on the course, and lose in distance more than one clear hole from those in front, it MUST invite those playing behind to come through.


Penalty for late starting - 2 Shots
Penalty for slow play - 2 Shots

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